About Us

About UsGeoTech Lining Corporation was formed in 2006 to fabricate and install geomembrane liners, with professional and most experienced staff of geomembrane industry in Pakistan.
As one of Pakistan's pioneers in the Geosynthetics industry, GeoTech Lining Corporation has developed expertise in providing turnkey solutions, utilizing the full range of available materials. All Geosynthetics materials installed by GeoTech Lining Corporation are sourced from leading national and international manufacturers, ensuring only the highest quality products are used.
Purpose built factories across Pakistan enables the fabrication of liners on premises. Prefabricated drop-in liners substantially reduce on-site quality control and installation times, resulting in lower costs, and reduced exposure to bad weather and other on-site risks. A broad range of Geosynthetics materials are stocked at the company’s premises, ready for immediate fabrication and delivery.
Since launching its geomembrane business, GeoTech Lining Corporation has successfully installed a diverse range of Geosynthetic applications, ranging from small farm dams to canal lining and complex floating covers from HDPE smooth Geomembrane, HDPE Textured Geomembrane, LLDPE Smooth Geomembrane, LLDPE Textured Geomembrane, Flexible polypropylene membrane, PVC Geomembrane, Geo-composite Membrane, Dimpled membrane, HDPE E-Locks, GeoNet, Geotextile and PVC Water Stoppers to name a few.
GeoTech Lining Corporation has responded to the increasing demand for specialized installation services with fully equipped and well trained field installation crews. All installation projects are overseen by one of the company’s team of experienced supervisors.
 We will always
  1. Focus on quality & innovation.
  2. Be passionate about our customers, employees and the wider communities within which we work.
  3. Honor our commitments.
  4. Conduct business in a responsible & sustainable way in line with our principles.